June 3, 2013

The 2013 FullDome Festival Rocked [w/ Video]

We can’t stress enough how wonderful the 7th Fulldome Festival was. Being so focused on fulldome content, it's one of the most fun, enlightening, informational, and sometimes also moving conferences of the fulldome world. The material was so refreshing. It's a perfect reiteration of why we like fulldome so much. We announced the new student category and received new submissions already. We'll also be posting some new articles about the event soon. In the meantime, enjoy all the 2013 FullDome Awards. We always love seeing our fulldome friends, and we also love meeting all the new people. We’ll surely continue to think about wonderful things from the festival, and also have fully immersive dreams inspired by it. The attendees will know.

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