Uniview 3.0 Presented by Sciss at IPS 2016

For over a decade Sciss has delivered astronomy tools and systems to museums, planetariums, science centers, and educational institutions all over the world. Uniview software has been the beating heart of all the configurations. Developed with the user community, Uniview’s toolbox is tailored to support the presenter and operator in a smart way. It ships with high-end presentation and production tools, media playback and much more.
Using Uniview

Uniview is software for planetariums, dome theaters, science centers & large format screens.
Photo credit: Sciss

Uniview's Visualization Capabilites

  • Touch panel interface for managing theater equipment and run shows
  • Timeline and flightpath production
  • Wireless timeline and flightpath presentations
  • Advanced video editing and production
  • Real-time datasets
  • Comprehensive storylines
  • Custom made GUI
  • Drag-and-drop images
  • Slicing & encoding
  • Playback technology
  • Live-show catalog
  • Fulldome film catalog
  • Perfect sync with digital image
  • Seamless and automated control
  • Annual Uniview user groups
  • Content sharing platform


In Uniview 3.0 the workspace is clean and intuitive. The software can be used for many purposes, and intentions of use vary from time to time. To meet your different needs and reduce clutter on the screen, Uniview offers four different workspaces: Presentation mode. Includes all features and tools to manage a presentation. Authoring mode. Includes all features and tools to build a presentation. Domecasting mode. Includes all features to join or set up a domecasting session. Classic mode. Includes all features and tools from earlier versions of Uniview.

Real-Time Visualization

At its very core, the Uniview planetarium software is an interactive computer platform designed for live-presentation. Powered by scientific databases and accurate visualizations, Uniview takes the audience on visually striking journeys through huge distances and across any scale. The live navigation function, Uniview Flight Assist, is designed to allow a cinematic feel to interactive flights without any fade to blacks. With a proud legacy in the fulldome theater world, Uniview supports over 200 datasets.
Real-time visualization

Uniview has access to a network of daily updated satellite imagery that can be integrated in a show.
Photo credit: Sciss

Educator & Operator Tools

Uniview 3.0 is built to make live-presentations easier and smoother. With the Panels presentation tool one can build and organize all presentation elements on slides – much like a PowerPoint presentation. Panels are just as easy to present with on a tablet as on a computer – allowing the presenter to walk around in the theater during a show. Uniview allows remote collaboration and shared experiences between display venues. Presenter-led sessions can be shared across theaters and the same presenter can simultaneously address audiences in several interconnected theaters.

Media & Content

Uniview Store is a new online platform where users can find all types of content for planetariums. It's a service to obtain and upload up-to-date and compelling show material like films, presentations and new packages of data. The store is hosted by Sciss, and driven by producers and vibrant user community.
Uniview's media and content

Sciss distributes fulldome films from the leading producers, providing the top end shows available on the market.
Photo credit: Sciss

Uniview sits in the daily programs of leading planetariums like Hayden Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences and Moscow Planetarium, and are also used by organizations like NASA, ESA and NOAA. The Uniview Software representation of any given dataset is as true to realism as possible, and for abstract elements carefully designed for a pleasing appearance to enhance understanding. 

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