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Stuttgart, Germany
Fulldome Producer

Augmented reality product presentations, handbooks, guides, infographics, virtual reality, fair and exhibition design, interactive process simulations.


We want to create special moments, which connect and excite people. We firmly believe, that you have to shape complex information into a new form to make it comprehensible. New visual appearence and new concepts, for your eyes and your mind. Because communication can only succeed, when the language is understood.

halbautomaten is always in search for new formats of exchange, mediation and communication to create an informed society.

People working at


Media artist
Client services manager
Producer & creative

Productions & Co-Productions

img poster fulldome show kinetarium-element-run
Kinetarium – Element Run
img poster fulldome show Kinetarium – In Orbit
Kinetarium – In Orbit

Contact details

Address: Silberburgstr. 183
Postal code: 70178
City: Stuttgart
Country: Germany
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 48.76999760
Longitude: 9.16976670
Phone: +49 711/98 69 22 00