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Etablished in 1995, Marseilles-based STP produces either live-action wildlife or VFX-driven science films thanks to in-house VFX company, "3D from Mars".


Since 1995, we, at St Thomas Productions, have developed, produced and distributed story-driven factual shows for all possible screens, formats and uses, from VR to giant screens, but mostly wildlife and science films for international TVs and VOD platforms.

Since 2009, all our shows are produced in UHD. Many incorporate a high proportion of visual effects, thanks to our in-house VFX company, 3D from Mars.

Thanks to a network of camera talents, a broad collection of UHD camera gear and lenses, we can afford long shoots which bring unique and compelling visuals to our evergreen films.

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Asteroid Quest

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Asteroid Quest

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Address: 157 chemin de la NERTHE
Postal code: 13016
Country: France
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 43.36771410
Longitude: 5.30625880
Phone: +33495068068