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SKR Digital Media

Hamburg, Germany
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SKR Digital Media is the project run by Sasha Kriegel covering media production, technical consultation, fulldome training and distribution.


I´m offering freelance services, not company-style business.

For show distribution, I only offer the contact to the show owners and take care of technical adaptions to ensure the show runs in any environment.

Financial agreements will be discussed between the show owner and the customer, I´m just making it run in your space.

I have a strong background with E&S Digistar (Hard- and Software, Programming shows and additional tools, installations, training).

Additionally, I offer small-scale 3D printing (including modelling) services and 8- & 16-Bit computer and console exhibitions.

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SKR Digital Media

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Der kleine Häwelmann

Contact details

Address: Rückertstraße 23
Postal code: 22089
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 53.57143110
Longitude: 10.05648050
Phone: +4915122631463