4Pi Productions

4Pi Productions

4Pi Productions

4Pi Productions are an experiential art, marketing and events company that specialises in utilising spherical assets within creative projects, interactive installations and immersive experiences.
4Pi has co-produced with Coreo Cymru the Dance Dome project which has toured internationally.

Opened in: 2010
System type: portable
Category: Other
Dome size: 7 (m) | 24 (ft)
Number of seats: 25
Official website: http://www.thedancedome.com/

Theatre Details

Theater name: 4Pi Productions
Dome Type: portable
Dome System: Digital
Main Purpose: Entartainment
Main Audience: Adults
Opened in: 2010
Yearly average attendance: 3000

Dome Details

Dome Vendor: ADD vendor
Diameter: 7 (m) | 24 (ft)
Dome Shape: Geodesic
Dome Alignment: not tilted
Dome Tilt:

Video Equipment Details

Most recent upgrade: 2014
Projectors Configuration: Multi Channel
N° of Projectors: 4
Projectors Brand:
Projectors Technology: DLP
Closest Dome Resolution: 3K
Stereo 3D: Active Stereo

Audio System

Audio System: 5.1 System
Tot. N° of speakers: 6


Orientation: Unidirectional
N° of Seats: 25
Headrest Yes
Interactive device Yes

Programming & Features

Programming & Features: Artist friendly, Experimental, Fulldome features, Shorts
Additional features:

People working at 4Pi Productions

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Productions & Co-Productions

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The Beautiful
The Sublime
Pal O’ Me Heart

Fulldome Shows screened and screening here

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The Circles of Time

Contact Details

Address: 13 Hanover Street
ZIP / Postal code: CF5 1LS
City: Cardiff
Country: United Kingdom
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 51°28'50.41992"
Longitude: -3°12'17.93844"
Website: http://www.thedancedome.com/
Phone: +44 07910491565

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