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NSC Creative

NSC Creative is an award winning computer animation studio that specialises in immersive films for Fulldome, Stereoscopic 3D and VR with over 15 years of experience. The studio offers a full production service for bespoke, original, high-end content with the wow factor guaranteed. They are the world leader in digital planetarium film production, with shows licensed to over 600 venues across 60 countries. NSC Creative is based at the National Space Centre, the UK’s #1 space based visitor attraction with over ¼ million visitors a year. They are currently working on top secret 360° VR, Fulldome and high profile immersive theme park projects.

Category: Private / Commercial
CEO / Director: Paul Mowbray
Official website: http://nsccreative.com


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Rebecca Simpson Design Coordinator

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Contact Details

Address: National Space Centre, Exploration Drive
ZIP / Postal code: LE45NS
City: Leicester, UK
Country: United Kingdom
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 52°39'14.832"
Longitude: -1°7'58.602"
Website: http://nsccreative.com
Phone: +441162582101

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