July 8, 2022

FULLDOME OnDemand introduces 4K streaming

Introducing... 4K Prewarped Mirror Movies.

If you've got the gear (and the bandwidth), FULLDOME OnDemand is now streaming selected 4K prewarped movies for spherical mirror systems.

We're starting with Loch Ness Productions' own shows, as well as Fiske Planetarium's Artemis show called Forward! To The Moon.

Scan the listings, and if you see the "4K Mirror Prewarped" tab, just select it to preview the trailers and try them on your projector system. Enjoy!

For more information, visit the FULLDOME OnDemand website.

Current 4K (3840x2160px) offerings:

  • Astronomy: 3000 Years of Stargazing
  • The Birth of the Solar System
  • Chronicle of a Journey to Earth
  • EXOPLANETS - Discovering New Worlds
  • Geodesium "Nuages Gris"
  • Light Echoes, from Geodesium "Stella Novus"
  • HUBBLE Vision 2
  • Larry Cat In Space
  • Light Years From Andromeda
  • MarsQuest
  • MAGELLAN: Report From Venus
  • Moles
  • Oceans In Space
  • Seasonal STARGAZING
  • Season of Light
  • Sky Quest
  • The Cowboy Astronomer
  • The Voyager Encounters
  • Forward! To The Moon

We expect to add shows from other producers in the coming months. The 4K streaming joins the special higher-resolution 2K fisheye streaming introduced in 2019. We're not streaming 4K fisheye – yet!



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