Maciej Ligowski

Warsaw, Poland

Fulldome show producer and director.

About me

Macie Ligowski- the CEO & founder of Creative Planet graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with M.Sc. in „Multimedia Techniques“. He received the award of rector of Warsaw University of Technology for the excellent M.Sc. diploma. While still studying he received a scholarship of Polish national TV (TVP SA) for young engineers. After graduating he worked as a Light Designer which gave him a great experience in a multimedia environments. In 2006 he received the scholarship of Japanese Government and became the first member of the Double Degree Program for PhD students. Later he received also the scholarship of 21st century Center of Excellence program for outstanding researchers. This led him to graduate in “Nanovision Technology” at Shizuoka University, where he received a Ph.D. diploma. In 2010 he received a second Ph.D. at Warsaw University of Technology. In 2009 Maciej Ligowski dedicated his professional life to Planetarium field. He joined The Copernicus Science Centre team and has been involved in the project of creating The Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium since the very beginning. Being the deputy head of Planetarium, responsible for the technical side of the Planetarium as well as Show Production he had a major contribution into creating and equipping a Planetarium to its present state. His experience include conceptual planning, tender preparation including system technical description, site preparation, equipping, setup& maintenance. He also founded the first Fulldome production studio in Central Europe and bacame a Fulldome show producer and studio Manager. He’s duties included planning, management, team building, pipeline preparation, scriptwriting, 3D animation. He produced the first polish show called “Dream To Fly” which received many prestigious awards including the Janus 2013 award for the best fulldome show and became worldwide recognized as one of the best shows on the market. While representing Copernicus Science Centre he also had a major role in receiving the right to organize the most prominent conference in Planetarium world- IPS2016, which will be held in Copernicus Science Centre. Even though his career in the Planetarium filed is still relatively short Maciej has many friends and is widely recognized all over the world. In 2013 he decided that it is the time to start building his own company and founded Creative Planet which has been already involved in many projects throughout the country.

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Creative Planet
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Latchorzew, Poland
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Maciej Ligowski


Fulldome Show "Explore" had its 3D Stereo World-Premiere at Hamburg Planetarium, the most visited Star Theater in Germany.

Maciej Ligowski


It is my pleasure to announce the world premiere of fulldome show “Explore”- a film that tells the story of humankind striving for the eternal dream: to reach the stars.