Worldwide Premiere of Explore – New Show by Creative Planet

Dear Planetarians, It is my distinct pleasure to announce the world premiere of our Fulldome Show Explore which took place during the Pleiades conference in St Louis. After three years of intense work, we are proud to present a film that tells the story of humankind striving for the eternal dream: to reach the stars. Explore presents a broad selection of science topics in a modern and accessible way, in a story that revolves around the ambition to colonise Mars. The film does not just explain scientific facts, such as the geo- vs helio-centric model or retrograde motion of planets. By closely examining the example of Johannes Kepler and his three laws of planetary motions, “Explore” also shows how the achievements of individuals can change the world, and how much we all benefit from them. High-quality visuals, custom composed music, and professional narration all serve a single purpose: to enhance the audience's immersive experience. Looking at my own children I have no doubt that both ancient astronomy as well as travelling in space, which are presented in the show, will be of great interest to the public. Explore is suitable for general audience. Many interesting topics may be found within, for adults and children alike. Explore is currently distributed by: … with other distributors coming soon.   We hope you will join us on our journey to Mars.  

 Yours sincerely,

Maciej Ligowski

Creative Planet

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