Award Winners of Dome Under Festival 2020

The Dome Under Festival 2020 awards has now completed. The festival jury, Alicia Sometimes, Jack White & Monica Zetlin are pleased to announce the following winners:

Best Student Film

S is for Episode
An inventive, visceral narrative allowing us a deeper understanding into the narrator’s ever-changing interior world.

Best Experimental Film

An emotive, dynamic film. Originally produced as a real-time, room-scale VR experience it has translated extremely well to the canvas of the dome. Adding to the language of what is possible

Best Short Film

How it was told to Me
Efficient use of stylish animation bringing to life Maori culture in three delightful stories. Wonderful acting and a confident story.

Best Narrative

Beyond the Sun
With great characterizations and an absorbing story, this film utilizes science in a way that will inspire the young to keep learning.

Best Astronomy Education

Big Astronomy: People, Places, Discoveries
This elegantly produced film showcases the diverse collaboration of scientists that open our minds to the expanse of the cosmos. Extraordinary footage and engaging talent.


The jury decided that there were so many films of incredible quality, that they wanted to acknowledge three additional films. The jury made the following commendations.

An exquisite glimpse into the universe of auroras. A gorgeous blend of science and folklore.

Whale Super Highway
Beautifully shot. A reminder of why these animals are so important to the earth. Really punching high for a fulldome video.

Beautiful Baby Tilapia
A charming approach to fulldome graphics with a surprising story for children and adults.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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