Call for Submissions, Wisdome Contest 2020

In conjunction with the joint conferences Eurographics & EuroVis in Norrköping, Sweden in 2020, the organizers invite you to join the co-located Wisdome Contest.

The goal of the Wisdome contest is to be a festival of scientific and/or data-inspired dome movies for a public audience. The Visualization Center C in Norrköping houses one of the premier dome theatres in all of Europe and is operated in close conjunction with Linköping University, providing an optimal constellation to provide a venue for communicating scientific content to a wide audience using this display method.

We encourage submissions from a wide array of backgrounds, ranging from academic institutions to digital science centers and beyond. Movie submissions should be targeted at the general public and aim to educate about science in general, a particular scientific aspect or discovery, or the Scientific Method in general. These submissions should be predominantly aimed at the educated general public that might visit a science center and wishes to learn more about the world around us. Submissions will be assessed by the referees according to the following criteria:

  • creative use of the dome surface, sound and music
  • the visual quality
  • creativity
  • the story telling quality
  • public engagement
  • technical excellence

All accepted submissions are invited to be included in a “showreel” of the contest that will be distributed to several planetaria and science centers around the world, which will further increase the visibility of the submissions.

Call for Submissions

Submissions consist of fulldome movie and an accompanying document of up to 2 pages in length, with an optional third page for references. This document must use the two-column style used at the EuroVis conference, and should include short paragraphs addressing the following aspects:

  1. description of the submission category and targeted audience, for example: explanatory, exploratory, artistic, or commercial
  2. short explanations how the submission addresses the evaluation criteria
  3. short description of the data that has been used
  4. short description of the rendering and visualization techniques used
  5. summary of your story

The pre-rendered fulldome movie should be 3-10 minutes long and be submitted as a monoscopic 180° dome master in either 4096×4096 or 8192×8182 resolution using either the H.264 or H.265 encodings with embedded audio, if desired (see technical information below for more details). Audio formats of stereo, 5.1, or 7.1 are recommended.

Assessment Criteria

Submissions will be assessed by the refereers according to the following criteria:

  • Use of the dome surface: How is the learners experience enhanced by the use of a planetarium dome surface compared to watching the same content on a flat screen display. Aspects of this criterion are the increase of available display surface area, the ability of creating a shared virtual reality space between all participants, and the ability to present a different viewpoint to different learners.
  • Use of sound and music: How both sounds and music are used in the narration to guide, explain, and engage the audience. And, how does technical aspects such as sound quality, mixing, and the use of directional sound and music, change and impact the experience and influences the consumption of the movie.
  • Visual quality: This criterion captures the overall quality of the visuals. Please note that this does not include, for example. the use of special effects without having an impact on the story telling, but rather captures the overall theme of the submission
  • Creativity and Storytelling: The overall novelty and creativity of the submission. Does the submission present a unique viewpoint on the scientific subject and does it use this viewpoint to explain the concept in a novel way. How is the flow of the narration designed, is it easy to follow for the laymen or is it easy to “get lost” in the explanations.
  • Engagement: this judges the level of engangement of the user. How likely are visitors to continue with their own research on the scientific topic after watching the submission. Are there open questions that might provide an interesting point of self-study for the learner. How enganged are they during the watching of the submission?
  • Technical excellence: How is the overall production quality of the submission. Are there issues with the frame rate of the movie, are there smooth transitions between scenes, fluid camera movements that aid in watching of the material?

Submission Guidelines

Submissions to the Wisdome Movie Contest are made through the Precision conference system. The contest track is named “EuroVis 2020 Wisdome Movie Contest” and is located under the “VGTC” society and the “EuroVis 2020” Conference/Journal grouping.

For the abstract deadline on 2020-03-06, submissions require the following:

  • Title
  • Complete author list with all affiliations; for people with multiple affiliations, enter each affiliation on a separate line
  • Abstract; for the abstract aim at an 100 words description of the content of the submission, its topic, and the targeted audience

For the full deadline on 2020-03-13, submissions require all of the above plus the following:

  • PDF document describing the submission in greater detail. This document should include descriptions about the techniques that are used in the video submission, more information about the audience, explanations about the dataset and rendering methods, and more
  • A link to the video hosted on a service of your choice. Please ensure that the video will be accessible through the entire process until the event takes place 2020-05-25.

Find out more information on the event's official website.

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