CymaSonics - Matrix Optimizer 2.0 [updated]

Since the 4th Fulldome Festival, CymaSonics' Matrix Optimizer has become a known product for pioneering groundwork in the field of virtual fulldome acoustics, animation art and software.

Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1 was made with a scene sequencer for the PovRAY renderer, supported by an off-line CymaSonics audio-rendering engine.

With the development of the CymaSonics Modular Workbench in 2011, spatial multi-channel acoustics processing and 3D audio-visualization came together in one real-time prototyping tool, demonstrated by the award winning Liszt From Space - a harmographical audio-visualization of Franz Liszt's "Ballade No.2".

In the meantime, with the music visualization of Singing Heavens - a contribution to the Kepler Project - Ten Art Communications started to explore OpenGL graphics in a fulldome production.

Driven by the idea of an interactive audio-visually integrated fulldome production software, the development of MATRIX OPTIMIZER 2.0 was begun: it combines realtime rendering of visuals and acoustics with a modular parametric sequence-based user interface, to easily control every aspect of an audio-visual fulldome production.

Thanks to the installation of the Fraunhofer IDMT's new SpatialSound Wave at Jena's Zeiss Planetarium, the team is able for the first time to bring out their work to the public on a practical stage, operating on 21 hemispherical placed virtual audio channels.

Don't miss the first audio-visual fulldome show demonstrating the new Matrix Optimizer Software and some of its vast and visionary futuristic possibilities for a new kind of fulldome content!

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