Domecasting Artemis 1 Launch Event, A Case Study [VIDEO]

Felix & Paul Studios, the award-winning, Montreal-based immersive production studio, in collaboration with NASA and META, plans to capture the Artemis I rocket launch. The unmanned, maiden flight of the Artemis program (Apollo’s successor) will verify system performance in hopes of placing astronauts back on the lunar surface by 2024.

The launch will be streamed LIVE in 360º video. Worldwide audiences will experience the event in domes / planetariums, through META Quest and in 2D 360º on Facebook, and via mobile carriers. FPS will leverage immersive media to transport viewers on the journey of humanity’s return to the Moon.

Recorded at the 2022 Imersa Summit, representatives of FPS share their challenges and key learning from planning this event, including its technology requirements, business model, licensing complexities, B2B and B2B marketing, all in the context of an imprecise launch date of Artemis I! The final segment of this session is devoted to a separate but related exploration of the potential for convergence between fulldome and native 360 videos. In this segment, FPS discusses best practices in one of its specialities: converting 360 3D videos into the fulldome format.


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