FDDB just passed 6,200 Registered Users

Dear Planetarium Friends,

Yesterday FDDB passed 6200 registered users from the planetarium and fulldome worlds. This is a more than 400 increase in less than 2 months!

We feel this is a huge achievement within the whole planetarium niche. We appreciate the personal connection we've formed with all of you and are thrilled that you're using the Fulldome Database as a place to get to know the fulldome world better.

To celebrate this milestone and thank you for the connections, we have created a Testimonial section to share some of your comments in our About page.

The past year has been busy here. We launched the new FDDB in July last year, added Plafinder support in November, and then added a bunch of new powerful features in December while continuing to research and innovate the core Fulldome Database website you use every day.

In fact, today we released a new, and quite deep, under the hood algorithm which makes the website load 35% faster – something that improves the overall user experience even further. Try it yourself, it will feel like moving on a space rocket!

So THANK YOU for following us, providing your feedback, sharing your work and most of all, keeping us inspired!

Dario Tiveron
FDDB Director

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