NewMedia is thrilled to introduce a new 360º permanent venue in Madrid

NewMedia Creative Technology Studio is thrilled to introduce its new 360º permanent venue in Madrid. And we want to share it with you.

Our aim is to transform our 21,70m geodesic dome with internal liner projetion system at 3K total resolution in a new space where developers, creatives, artists, producers, teachers, technicians, engineers and lovers of immersive environments can create, test, investigate or developt about art, science or 360º productions.

We are completely open to receive proposals from any part of the globe, movies, ideas, conferences, masterclasses, talks, games and whatever comes to your mind related to the world of fulldome and virtual reality, its time to join us in Madrid, its time to come to Spain.

Let's explore and experince together the limits of light, the sound and the magic inside a hemisphere...

We will be more than happy to hear from you and your proposals at

To know more about us please read some CS about our international works

  1. Audi A3 Fulldome Experience
  2. Iberia Fulldome Experience
  3. Honda Japan Fulldome Experience
  4. Sony Mobile Fulldome Experience

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