Support Call for "Sensual Immersion" Fulldome Film Project

All fulldome lovers, friends and everybody who wants to be part of this wonderful project, we are happy to invite you to join our experience in 360° fulldome about sensual art!

With this project, we want to question the new ways of storytelling for live-action films in fulldome, especially live-action in sensual art. It's not only a question of composition and light also it's the story that matters to trigger deep inner feelings. This project arose from a personal awakening and need to think about new ways of sensuality, erotic and storytelling.

What we want to do, is to create an experience which leads through the history of sensual art and talks about storytelling in fulldome. And this short film (10min) will be part of it. There will be two parts of the film. Part One plays in a surreal party scene with dancers, acrobatics, burlesque and people in costumes. Part Two is about lovers (f/m) who were at first part of the party people and now are alone... (FSK 16, no exposed scenes).

The money will be needed for actors, costumes and catering. Shooting will be at 7th March 2019 in Halle(Saale), Germany.

If you support us, of course, you will be mentioned in the credits, also on the webpage (, in the blog texts about the project (if you like with name and/or logo). Anyone who is willing to support us is welcome!

A project by Maren Kiessling and Jakob Laugs.

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