WAYHA: now available from Loch Ness Productions

We start out the new year 2023 with a really cool project: WAYHA!

Wayha is an immersive music video collaboration by BOSA (Stephan Jacobs) and Axon Genesis (Stephen Walker). Set to tribal world sounds, the show takes viewers on a fantastic journey following the migratory flight of the phoenix. Representing a celebration of rebirth and renewal, Wayha is a music-visual exploration of our deep connection with nature and the cycles that continuously bring life into the world.

Go to the Loch Ness Productions Web site to read more. You'll find previews of the trailer in both flat-screen and 360 video, and the full-length show. You'll also find the licensing information (it's affordable!), as well as a look "behind the scenes" video by the creators.

You can stream it on FULLDOME OnDemand (in 1K, 2K fisheye and 4K prewarped versions) and view Wayha with your VR headset at VR Dome Theater.


Enjoy Wayha!

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