Working with indigenous and international communities [VIDEO]

Fulldome show "One Sky", winner of the 2022 Best Film Award at the Brno International Fulldome Film Festival, is an innovative collection of seven fulldome short films showcasing astronomical cultural stories from India, Japan, China, Greece, Canada and the USA.

"One Sky" recognizes our world’s many cultures and communities with strong connections to the stars. The film seeks to build relationships within and between all people who share our one sky. More than 40 international artists worked on this production.

In this video recorded at the 2022 IMERSA Summit in Montreal, Canada, Sébastien Gauthier presents some behind scenes of the film: how the script was written, how the music was composed, how the visuals were created and how each contributor shared the story in a truthful indigenous manner while making each film accessible worldwide. With anecdotes from the production, this presentation shares some of the team's findings and processes. 

Sébastien Gauthier is an independent filmmaker, dome specialist, 360° cinematographer (DOP) and fulldome film director. His reputation in the planetarium community is well-established through his immersive visuals, technical expertise, award-winning films and innovative contributions to the thriving dome milieu.

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