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SOLAR Hvezdáreň Senec

Senec, Slovak Republic
Dome Theatre

SOLAR Hvezdáreň Senec is an astronomical observatory and also has a 5m portable planetarium equipped with a digital fulldome system.


“Let’s build an observatory!”: The words pronounced in 1979 by the then principal of the Hungarian elementary school Mikuláš Végh led to the actions and cooperation of many people.

Matej Sztankó was elected to lead the group that had the task of preparing the observatory construction project. When planning the project, they collaborated with important personalities and institutions of astronomy at the time, such as astronomer Elemér Kécskey from Bratislava, Ladislav Košinár from the observatory in Sobotiště, but also the PKO in Bratislava and the Regional Observatory in Hlohovec.

On October 7, 1982, the dome of the observatory was installed on the roof of the school, which changed the silhouette of the building forever and a new observatory was born.

The observatory also has a 5m portable planetarium equipped with a digital projector.

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SOLAR Hvezdáreň Senec

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Address: Námestie A. Molnára 2
Postal code: 90301
City: Senec
Country: Slovak Republic
Continent: Europe
Latitude: 48.21984960
Longitude: 17.39500260
Phone: +421918622210