Charles Hayden Planetarium

Charles Hayden Planetarium

Charles Hayden Planetarium

The Charles Hayden Planetarium is located within the Museum of Science, Boston. It is the most technologically advanced digital theater in New England.

We are both a planetarium open to the public and a production studio creating fulldome shows. So we have a special foundation to our team. Everyone presents live and pre-rendered shows to our audiences, even the animators. This gives us a unique perspective of directly seeing the audience react to our shows. We get to hear what fascinates them, what brought them to a emotional moment, or what they frankly didn’t understand. All of these things help to to make informed decisions in each stage of production. This allows us to best fulfill our mission of teaching science through storytelling and find that delicate balance without putting people to sleep.

Our first and foremost mission is to create the very best science storytelling fulldome shows. We walk a very fine line between science visualization and artist interpretation. We constantly work with science advisers to check our work against the hard science. Its a continual balancing act of aiming to understand the audience takeaway and then adjusting our efforts.

Institution: Museum Of Science
Opened in: 1958
System type: fixed
Category: Museum / Science Center
Dome size: 17 (m) | 57 (ft)
Number of seats: 209
CEO / Director: David Rabkin
Official website:

Theatre Details

Theater name: Charles Hayden Planetarium
Institution name: Museum Of Science
Dome Type: fixed
Dome System: Hybrid
Main Purpose: Education
Main Audience: Families
Opened in: 1958
Yearly average attendance: 281000
APLF profile: Visit the planetarium page

Dome Details

Dome Vendor: ADD vendor
Diameter: 17 (m) | 57 (ft)
Dome Shape: Spherical
Dome Alignment: not tilted
Dome Tilt:

Video Equipment Details

Most recent upgrade: 2010
Projectors Configuration: Multi Channel
N° of Projectors: 2
Projectors Brand:
Projectors Technology: DLP
Closest Dome Resolution: 4K
Stereo 3D: None

Audio System

Audio System: 5.1 System
Tot. N° of speakers:


Orientation: Panoramic / Concentric
N° of Seats: 209
Headrest Yes
Interactive device No

Programming & Features

People working at Charles Hayden Planetarium

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David Rabkin David Rabkin


Heather Fairweather Dani LeBlanc

Media Artist

Jason Fletcher Jason Fletcher

Productions & Co-Productions

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Contact Details

Address: 1 Science Park
ZIP / Postal code: 02114
City: Boston, MA
Country: USA
Continent: North America
Latitude: 42°22'0.28163999999992"
Longitude: -71°4'12.738972"
Phone: 617-589-0270

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